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Hallway Conversations - A Podcast by Developers for Developers

Episode 025 – Windows8 in the Enterprise with Ben Dewey

In this episode Phil chats with Ben Dewey about the impact of Mobile in the enterprise and the value of Windows Apps in this equation. Mobile is impacting everything in the world in the consumer experience, but the savvy enterprises are beginning to think carefully about how they can leverage mobile to radically change the way business processes are executed via Line-of-Business apps. Ben takes us through many categories of business scenarios where mobile can have a dramatic impact on the operational efficiency of your workforce as well as by improving access to information, data, and actionable intelligence for the immediacy of decision-support activities.

With the prevalence of Windows in the enterprise and the richness of the development tools and APIs available, Ben explores how to get started writing apps for both Windows and WindowsPhone to best position your enterprise to take advantage of what it means to mobile-enable your workforce!

Ben Dewey is a Microsoft MVPINETA Community Speaker, and published
 with over 16 years of experience writing applications and continually striving to create SOLID applications
of the highest craftsmanship while paying special attention to clean User Experiences (UX).  Ben is currently leading the Windows Division of the Mobile Practice at Tallan, Inc. and consults regularly in New York City on Web, XAML, and Cloud based technologies. He has also worked to deploy numerous high-quality, engaging apps to the Windows Store. When he’s not consulting, Ben is busy training, mentoring, blogging and speaking at various conferences and community events around the country. He also recently authored the book “A
Guide to Windows 8 Apps
”, published by O’Reilly. Outside of work, Ben spends most of his time playing with his three young kids, working around the house, or, if it’s windykitesurfing. You can find Ben online on TwitterStackOverflow,GitHub, or on his blog at http://bendewey.com/