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Hallway Conversations - A Podcast by Developers for Developers

Episode 005 – Navigating Hybrid Mobile Apps with TJ VanToll

In this conversation, the team sits down with TJ VanToll to explore the often-confounding world of so-called “hybrid” mobile apps.  TJ helps us understand the relationship between the open-source Apache Cordova project and Adobe PhoneGap.  We discuss at length some of the technical skills necessary as well as the mindset required to develop successful cross-platform mobile apps using these kinds of technologies as well as explore some of their limitations and strengths.

TJ also introduces us to the Telerik AppBuilder product and explains how it differs from the other solutions available to developers interested in building hybrid mobile apps.

Show Notes
Telerik AppBuilder home page
Telerik AppBuilder Sample Apps
Getting Started With Kendo UI Mobile in AppBuilder
Getting Started With Apache Cordova

tj_vantoll_headshotTJ VanToll is a web developer, speaker, and writer living in Lansing, MI and working as a developer advocate for Telerik. He is an open source advocate that is on the jQuery UI team, publishes his blog open source. TJ is also the author of an upcoming book from Manning: jQuery UI in Action. When not online, TJ is generally chasing his twin sons in circles. TJ is @tjvantoll on Twitter, tjvantoll on GitHub, and blogs at http://tjvantoll.com/.