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Hallway Conversations - A Podcast by Developers for Developers

Episode 037 – The Value of Interaction Design with Rodney Guzman

In this episode we chat at length with Rodney Guzman from Interknowlogy about the concepts, practice, and value of Interaction Design. Rodney explains the process of Interaction Design, how it differs from traditional approaches to UI/UX design processes, and offers some concrete examples of how Interaction Design has enabled him to solve real-world problems for a myriad of Interknowlogy’s customers. We also dig into understanding the core value proposition for Interaction Design as well as exploring the various ways to best position that value proposition to your own customers to get them similarly excited about the possibilities.

Show Notes


Rodney Guzman is the CTO and co-founder of InterKnowlogy. He is responsible for vetting out and integrating emerging technologies into InterKnowlogy’s business and solution offerings. As a technologist, Rodney leads the largest InterKnowlogy projects as an architect. He works directly with InterKnowlogy clients to understand their business needs and turn them into technology solutions. Rodney’s project work has been awarded by numerous industry awards. He started working on software systems for submarine sonar during college, and graduated from UCSD in 1991. During 7 years at SAIC, he worked for the Healthcare Technology sector and was the architect and developer lead for multi-million dollar projects including a large Java SOA HTTP/XML based web portal on military hospitals throughout the country. In 1998 Rodney moved to Stellcom where he delivered eCommerce and Portal solutions to the Fortune 500. From there Rodney co-founded InterKnowlogy and has been in the CTO file since company inception.