Hallway Conversations

A Podcast by Developers for Developers

Hallway Conversations - A Podcast by Developers for Developers

Episode 040 – Chatting About Everything with Mike Benkovich

In this episode we sit down for a rambling chat with Mike Benkovich about everything from Phil’s stolen laptops to detecting plagiarism on the internet to Mike’s mother learning Twitter Bootstrap.

We also explore passwords and security on the internet (and the inanity of “secret questions” like “what was the name of your dog growing up?”) and discuss some of the trade-offs between secure practices and customer convenience.  As if that wasn’t enough, we also explore the reasons that the financial industry isn’t properly incentivized to combat credit card fraud and data breaches.

Just to prove that this episode is really all over the map, we also explore the factors that play into why women’s pants so rarely include functional pockets — and the implications of that for the mobile phone industry’s preferences for ever-larger cell phones!


Mike Benkovich is a former Microsoft evangelist who has spent his career helping developers explore and apply new technologies to solving information challenges. His website www.benkotips.com provides developers with resources to get started and work with technologies including cloud, data and devices. Follow him on twitter @mbenko.