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Hallway Conversations - A Podcast by Developers for Developers

Episode 045 – Grunt, Gulp, and other Bodily Functions with Jon Mills

In this wildly-rambling episode, the Hallway Conversations team starts out exploring build-automation tools for JavaScript development like Gulp and Grunt and ends up taking a long detour through the rest of the node.js ecosystem, exploring the MEAN stack and other tools and frameworks along the way.

If you find the dizzying complexity of choices facing the average JavaScript developer to be off-putting, its probably not the case that this episode will settle your choices for you ūüôā

Instead, Jon takes us¬†through the¬†thought process that he relies upon¬†to try to¬†best survive the¬†nearly-daily deluge of changes that face the JavaScript software development community.¬† If you’re looking for a dive into the complexity of the choices, this is the episode for you!

jonathan_mills_headshotWith over 18 years of experience in Software Development and Management, Jon has led and built agile teams in a wide range of environments from small start-ups to large scale financial institutions. As a skilled mentor and international speaker, Jon has the opportunity to promote positive management practices and solid development practices to developers and managers in a wide variety of situations.

As Director of Research and Development at PaigeTechnologies, Jon has the opportunity to help companies identify and track trends in the technology community and understand how that will impact their business. Jon has the ability to work with our clients’ developers to equip them with the skill necessary to meet the changing demands of their customers.